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most quotes are lyrics
b/c i think that songs explain
a lot of my emotions :)
hope ya like em

Quotes by LovexInxAnxElevator

if good girls get down on the floor
tell me how low will a bad girl go?

you donít get to choose, you just fall &
you end up with someone in front of you,
who is so wrong, yet so incredibly right.

its a forbidden love
like romeo and julliet <3 :)

my friend said this is about me

i love it when you call me babe<3

minee ;)
you leave me speechless
When you talk to me
You leave me breathless
The way you look at me
You manage to disarm me
My soul is shining through
Can't help but surrender
My everything to you<3
age is just a number ;)
don't regret anything that once made you
Smile (:

my fav quote
Wh!t Kn33

idk its my name
it looks good with black letters also
i'll have ya dreamin
when ya aint even sleepin

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