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Hey thur Beautiful:) My names Paige, I'm 14 years young. I am in mad love. My life is going great right now. Yes I've had ups and downs and yes; I thought it would never end: But it does. So don't give up! I Love music,ShawnThomasWildeman,JustinDrewBieber,OneDirection:ZaynMalik, NiallHoran,LiamPayne,HarryStyles, LouisTomlinson, KevinThePidgeon.♥ Oh and I love sleep♥ So yeah....If you have questions ask me;) Andif you have hate; tell me. I really don't care anymore what people have to say about me. K bye:)
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Quotes by LuV4EvER00

If you're form Africa, why are you white?
Me: I'm moving.
Him: NO! You can NOT move!! *tears up*
Me: I was just kidding..I just wanted to see your reaction.
Him: *Walks away.*

Me: I saw your dad naked.
Squirrel: *Runs away*

Im sick of hearing  you talk about him every second of your life...
like really: I DONT CARE.



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Hearts, stars and horseshoes. Clovers and bluemoons.
Hourglasses, rainbows and tasty red balloons!

Don't change for anyone. Okay? You're perfect the way you are.

~My teacher.

Yeah. We just graduated. And it was the last day of school today, and we sat in the kindergarten room refusing to leave, crying hystericly, in a toy house.
On witty at school with blacklover


Person: Is this the Krusty Krab?
Patrick: No this is Patrick.