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stay strong. <3 
Dear ALL Female Followers Of Mine,
i just want to take this time out to let you know no matter what haters may say you are beautiful :)

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Quotes by Lucas

you know whats amazing? at this second, for every teenage girl twirling her fingers into the ends of her hair, not paying attention in class, reading these letters, wondering who she'll be in love with someday, at this second, there is a teenage boy somewhere out there, just for her, slumped low at his desk, tapping his foot, staring out the window, wondering exactly the same thing.

They may be halfway across the world. They may be right next door. You may already know them, you may not. Maybe they have blue eyes, or maybe brown. They might play an instument, or maybe a sport. You cant know for sure. But, they are out there. And, they are waiting. Waiting to meet you. And you know what? At this exact moment, they could be thinking of who you are, and what youre like.

Dont give up. Ever. They are out there. I swear.

Best of luck.

I want a girl
Who will be my best friend. We will share secrets and inside jokes. I'll make her laugh with my sarcastic humor. She'll make me laugh with her sarcastic humor. I want a girl who can be romantic. I want her to run her fingers through my hair and kiss me. I want to run my fingers through her hair and kiss her. I want to be able to cuddle with her until the sun rises. I want a girl who I will treat right. I will make her dinner and compliment her on her outfits. I will take her out on dates and bring her on walks in the park. I will call her beautiful. I want a girl who I can have fun with. I want to be able to go on endless drives singing at the top of our lungs together. I want to dance in the living room at midnight to a loud, crazy song. I want to slow dance at sunrise to silence. I want a girl who will comfort me when I need to be comforted. I want her to be able to cry on my shoulder as I hug her and tell her everything will be all right. I want to bring her favorite soup when she's sick. I want her to feel safe in my arms. I want a girl who will love me more then anybody or anything in the world because I will sure as hell love her more then anybody or anything in the world.

And i will rate your profile picture.



I'm a boy who

would remember the little things we both did together ♥♥



I'm a boy who

would stay up late just to talk to you. ♥

I dont want you to ever say your worthless or not pretty because

  every single one of you is beautiful  in many ways and



Suicide Hotline

*1-800-273-8255* ♥

My girlfriend's name is sleep
and I get some every night. ;)



I love when girls

are dressed in sweatpants with their hair up with just a LITTLE bit of make up on. It makes you look incredibly beautiful.