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stay strong. <3 
Dear ALL Female Followers Of Mine,
i just want to take this time out to let you know no matter what haters may say you are beautiful :)

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pretty girls have visited my profile so far. :)

Quotes by Lucas

Dear Supermodel,
The average girl doesn't really look like that and even if she did, we wouldn't be attracted to her.

I want a girl
so i could
stay up all night with her when she's sick (:

I want a girl
so i could give her a big t-shirt of mine
to sleep in. (:

I want a girl
so i could give her my hoodie
even if we go to different schools.

Every 40 seconds, someone dies of suicide.
♥ this if you are here for people on Witty.
I promise I'll always be here for you.

now that i have your attention...
i gotta let you know...
i love you and i think you are beautiful.


you are beautiful...
without a doubt.
don't let anyone
or any guy tell you different.

Im apologizing on the 
  behalf of all the certain guys that have hurt you girls,

im sorry that they did that,

you're all so special


what i do know is that girls are alot stronger than guys.

you go through so much each day and we barely notice. well i notice.

my gender sucks,

and i just realized it

you beautiful girls

have gone through so much.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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