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stay strong. <3 
Dear ALL Female Followers Of Mine,
i just want to take this time out to let you know no matter what haters may say you are beautiful :)

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Quotes by Lucas

would you date a BOY with self harm scars? A boy that just went through a really rough time, had so much to deal with. But over time he is over it, he just has scars of his past. What do you girls think about boys who self harm have depression, low self esteem etc. Do you think you could love him? Is it a major turn off? Would you go out with a guy who has self-harm scars? Your COMMENT would mean so much. Thank you. 


making up a story to
tell your parents on your way home.


Girl, you're beautiful. :)
I know you might not think so. But I want you to know that, there is someone out there, who thinks you are the most, beautiful girl on all 9 planets. If no one has called you beautiful today, let me tell you. Your smile, your eyes, your hair, your nose, your ears, every little thing about you is beautiful. And I want you to wake up every morning and say, Oh damn... I'm beautiful.

Most people at my school see me as sort of a jock or a player.
But when I'm alone I love listening to love songs like Taylor Swift. And I think of what life would be like marrying this one girl I'm falling in love with.

I am a guy and I like thicker girls.
Girls with curves, girls with hips, and boobs, and yes, even stomachs.
In other words - I think fat chicks are sexy.
And I have a hell of a lot of friends that would agree with me.
Girls, seriously, stop thinking you need to loose weight.
You really are beautiful.

I'm a 16 year old boy.
I have alot of dark secrets.
But I have one happy one.
When no one is home.
I sing all my favorite songs
As loud as I can (:

I want a broken girl.
I want to hold her and love her and share past experiences.  
I want to kiss her and hug her and cuddle on the couch.
But most of all, I want to prove to her that
we're not all the same.

*format not mine; quote mine i think

Why do girls always fall in love with jerks?
I try to be a sweet, caring guy that looks out for girls. I try to have chivalry. I try to be there for everyone. But that doesn't seem it's enough, because I seem to be invisible to girls. All I want to do is love someone, and maybe be loved in return.

I love you.
Plain and simple.
Whoever you are, where ever you are.
Broken, bruised, hurt, and crying, I love you.
Please, love yourself too.
You are beautiful.

Hey, you.
You sitting there behind the computer,
wondering if you can make it through another night, another day.
You feel like you can't take it anymore, you just want it over.
Don't give up.
Please, someone, out there, thinks you're beautiful, smart, funny.
Someone cares. I do.
Just breathe.

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