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Happy birthday 20-year-old angel!









Heeeey Wittians! Check out this : 
It is cool!My uncle works there!I love that music soooo much !Comment to tell me what you think!

If Liam and I break up, I'd like a Directioner to take his heart.
~Danielle Peazer


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you think Liam and Danielle should be back together :(   </3

"What do you hate that fans do?"
Zayn: "Well it's not nice when they squeeze your hair."
Niall:"...or squeeze your bum."
Louis:"No, that's ok."


"What is your favorite American food?"
Niall: "I like everything  edible."

"What is the craziest thing
that has ever happened to you on stage?"

Louis:"A girl once showed her breasts!"

Harry:"WE LOVED IT!"

Did you know...

That the name AC/DC was an idea of Malcolm and Angus Young after their mother saw the initials
AC/DC(alternating current/direct current)on a sewing machine?

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Nobody knows 
Nobody knows but me 
That I sometimes cry 
If I could pretend that I'm asleep 
When my tears start to fall 
I peek out from behind these walls 
I think nobody knows 
Nobody knows no 

Nobody likes 
Nobody likes to lose their inner voice 
The one I used to hear before my life 
Made a choice 
But I think nobody knows 
No no 
Nobody knows 

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