Status: Though I know you'll never love me, like you used to.
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Location: Stuck in my head, trapped with my thoughts.
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You're beautiful and amazing and smart and kind < 3
I love you Megan < 3

so this is still your password?< 3 Lukie, you are not alone< 3 I still love you. I promise. But if we date, I need you to trust me. I need you to realize that I would never lie to you< 3 I don't deserve you, and I never will. And you could do so much better than me Luke< 3 You always have me. Don't you dare say you're alone< 3 I love you.-Megan

What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all.

Quotes by Lukas_has_a_new_Witty

I can't keep doing this.

And I know that whatever way our stories end, you have forever re-written mine.

Oh, its what you do to me

As if I don't hate myself already.

If you hate me, I'd understand.

And I worry that one day I'll be a part of her past that never really mattered anyway.
times like this I think of you, wonder if you think of  me.
Where were you when everything was falling apart?