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"Shes already found her people, at the bookstore!" -Amy, Grace and I
"She sells people" -My sister, Audrey
"Hun-ger Games mu-sic" -Amy and Grace and I (Mostly Grace, gotta give her credit)
"Up in here, up in there!" -Amy and Grace and I
"Putty.... No! Wait! Putty..... Not..... No..... Putty...."-Amy, Grace and I
"We'd.... We'd like some ice cream"-Putty (Hey, it was pretty funny, gotta give him credit)
"Whats the current going to be? I need to know how mant weights I'm going to need." - Jamie (I know, James)
"It's colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra!" - The Barrel
"The wind might have something to do with it" - The Barrel
"Audrey, don't ever wish anybody dead, although, I did one time, and it worked......" -The Barrel

^ I love this kid, he's the best < 3 Check this website out, it would mean the world to me
The word makes me cringe.
Ethan is inoccent.
Find a cure, for Ethan < 3

Quotes by Lukas_is_witty

I can honestly say that you are most of the reason I'm alive.
Everything she does is beautiful.........
Everything she does is....... Right.
Anyone want to talk?

I fall for you harder everytime I see you.

Happy brithday to me!!!
Now you're just some Putty that I used to know!
I was strong for my Mom.
I was strong for my Sisters.
I was strong for my Aunt.
I was strong for my Uncle.
I was strong for my Grandma.
I was strong for my Grandpa.
Who was strong for me?