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I came in like

a wrecking ball

Quotes by LukeeyBrooks

Personcan i use your lapto-
Me: no.
Thought's during class:

--move your fat head, i cant see anything.
-can you please shut up ?
-stop staring at me im too beautiful for you.
-i dont get this.
-did we have homework?
-when's lunch?

That awkward moment
when you end up first at a lunch table and people think
you're sitting by yourself.

 Giving up on you?
I honestly had to force myself to give up on
you. To be able to no longer have the feeling
to talk to you. It's hard letting go but I was o-
nly hurting mysef. Most of the time I cared w-
ay too much about you and yet I got nothing
in return. Everything was killing me inside &
I did nothing about it until now. I was afraid of
losing someone like you but doing this was the
best idea for me. One day you'll notice that you
lost someone that actually did care about you.

How many boy bands will i come 
obsessed with before the age
of 16? Seriously this isn't healthy.

Me: Do you ever smell the upsexy at school or is it just me?
Friend: Smell the what?
Me: Upsexy..
Friend: Wth is that?
Me: What?
Friend: What the h/ll is that?
Me: What are you asking me?
Friend: What's upsexy?
Me: Nothing much, you? 

Parents: wow you look gorgeous you are so beautiful.
Family: surely you have 14 boyfriends and boys falling at your feet.
Friends: omg you are sooo pretty!
Boys: i've never really seen this species of animal before.


Forget 11:11
im gonna buy some goldfish, name them Cosmo and Wanda,
and get all the wishes i want.


Fries Before
guys ;)
Me: I'm so fat
Me: I need to diet
Me: I should start running
Me: Omg I need to lose weight
Me: Ugh I am so gross
Me: I should eat healthier
*parents come home from supermarket*
Me: Yolo