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Not much to say about myself.  I'm a junior girl who is busy, nice, caring and fun.  

  I'm  into music such as The Beatles, Stevie Nicks, Muse, Paramore, Coldplay and Boys Like Girls, as well as random hip hop and rap songs.  I'm a pretty diverse person when it comes to my taste in music. 

Busy with my school dance team, track, schoolwork and friends.

Quotes by Luvsit07

Sometimes, those dreams you have as a child don’t live up to reality. You feel like their silly and impossible to achieve.
But sometimes, you need to realize that your dreams aren’t silly, they are the things in life that are worth living for, and the thingsworth living for always seem a little harder to attain.
LIFE isn't a romance novel, 
don't expect perfection.
And I'll wait for the sunset
 leaving hues of pink and blue.
Splattered on canvas... as an artist's after-thought.
Wisps of faded clouds forgotten, an unheard fallen oak at night.
Wind brushing across our carved names, like thoughts put down with chalk.
Rivers washed away mounds of dirt like every childhood dream once had.
 I stood in earnest, letting the rain wash salt from my tears, just to ask that painful question .
"How am I to love?" said as but a whisper in the wind.
Your worn smile, cracked like broken sidewalks, can't hide your knowing eyes.
With a hint of woeful pain, I heard
"It seems we are the same."
Is there no chance of fairy tale love, in this world so full of hate?
How am I too nice, are you afraid of my innocence?
How am I too pretty, are you nervous around me?
How am I too smart, is intelligence intimidating?
How am I too unattainable, do I seem too good to be true?
How can you say that I'm perfect, if I'm not perfect enough for you?

Just wrap your arms around my waist
and pin me to the wall.
I'm dying for the kind of kiss
that sweeps me off my feet.


How'd you know where I was hiding?
Baby, you're the first to find me.
They say love is blind, and that couldn't be more true,
because it took me
awhile, to see that I have
& once you realize that you've found that one special guy, you wonder
"Why in the world did it take me THIS long to figure out it was you?"
Twisting fingers, nervous; it's all a little much.
Casual hugs and glances are changing to a crush.
Daydreaming so often should classify as sin.
You don't know what to think, wondering what it means to him.
From the way he talks and holds you,
Assume he feels it too.
He's terrified of taking such a chance,
of changing new friendship to romance.
W.i.s.h.i.n.g. to see what you think
about him when you slyly wink.
Both of you are at a loss
of what is next,
and what the cost.
I'm over being last on this agenda.
I'm sick of being second to the guy friends.
I'm lost in all this drama and confusion.
I'm bored of being best friends for the moment.
I'm tired of this...and I want something more.