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I'm a poet. Or something. How're you doing?

Quotes by Restitutor Orbis*

Last night,
with the snow
so light,
I dreamt of you
as dancing bones,
in a pretty blue dress.

Froms't that earth, churn'd up and ov'r by Teutonic barrage,
Had those deadn'd husks spire'd Heavenward
The iron dragon, man made and fierce,
Thunderously sang its leaden hymn
Cutting down all it could, all those who stood before it.
To Hodor 
Or not to Hodor?
Hodor is the question.
ISIS is ran by Furbies.
Myr fyar scypíren Lucyus,
Cywnn ayle Cwynníg!
Brisen nare der Erte copermin end coperminin a' yung end elte. Cwuinn end Kenig, wiesen danke ye. Nore for Cwuinn end Kenig aei copermin haben nacht wit.
Marius Spurnius: Caius! I need you!
*Marius whines from the lower floor*
*Caius rushes down the stairs at the call of his master*
Caius Tarqinius: How can I be of service, young Marius?
Marius Spurnius: For a servant, you’re one who’s prone to wit. I need a place where I can enjoy the wit of others.
*Caius stares blankly at his young master, and the monitor before him, puzzle becoming him.*
Caius Tarqinius: Ah!, yes I know just the place, young Marius.
Marius Spurnius: Well on with it!
Caius Tarqinius: Try, young Marius.
*Marius nods, sending Caius away to return to his duties. Minutes pass by before the page loads*
Marius Spurnius: Caius! I need you!
*Marius cries again*
*Caius again rushes to his young master’s side*
Caius Tarqinius: How can I be of service, young Marius?
Marius Spurnius: Is this some kind of joke?
Caius Tarqinius: I’m not sure I understand, young Marius.
*Marius jabs a finger towards the screen furiously*
Marius Spurnius: It’s nothing but fifteen year old girls!
Caius Tarqinius: So it is, yes, so it is.
Marius Spurnius: Wait…are you saying…?
*Caius clamps his mouth shut as he begins to eurpt into laughter*
Marius Spurnius: You are! I am not a fifteen year old girl and you know it!
There is no wit.
It's life, and it's death. It's a creator, and it's a destroyer.
From its simple shape, complexity flows forth.
What is it?