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Quotes by Lyndseyloo12

night: I party hard
day: I sleep till noon
thats my life cycle :)
the rollercoaster of life can take you on some wild rides,
but you just got to hang on. <3

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how many people put lmao when they are talking to someone on aim and the person says something that is supposed to be funny but you dont even laugh.

[[I know i do all the time]]
 just curious. i am a curious child. (:
gorgeous has never meant anything
                 'till i was born!

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&& i do not know why they say that Friday  the 13th is the unlukiest day of the year because it sure wasnt unluky for meee.  <3!
2/13/09 forever.
warning: they cause broken hearts </3
Hey there mr. grumpy gills;;
when life gets you down do u know what you gotaa do ?
Just keep swimming, just keepn swimming.

all eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus.
when i crack that whip everybody goin' trip just like a circus.
dont stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do.
everybody let go we can make a dance floor just like a circus.

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am i the only one who thought in that song "right now (na na na) "that is said.... i wanna make love right na na na!?! Becuz i found out today that it was... i wanna make up right na na na.

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