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Hello Beautiful!(:
My name is Kimberly(:
Im Mexican & PROUD!(:
Im Single . 
If you need anything ill be here to listen
well i know that you guys wont probabaly read this but if you did i love you<3
Well anyways Every single one of you are Beautiful!
Follow? I fOLLOW back(:

-Stay Strong <3

         Your Beautiful!!!(:                                                                

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Do you ever feel so numb?
Like you literally hold no emotion. 




Um Hey Person Reading This . Look I

Doubt you'll read this thing, But it's alright.

Why are you on vent ? Need some one ? ,

Feeling lonley ? Well guess what . I'm

human. I have been through painful 

moments, I have no idea what you have

gone through but i promise you whatever

the outcome is it will all work out no

matter what. It may take days , months

, even years but at the end it will be just

fine. Their is no need for cutting , being

depressed , starving yourself . People

judge for absolutley no reason but im

here to let you guys know you reading this

is amazing . If you are here living make it

worth it , so many people wish they were

like you . You are a role model for

younger siblings, you are human . We all

make mistakes whether we accept it or

not . I have messed up a lot , i have cut ,

i have gone through a long period of

sadness , starving but i think i'm fine now

. i am more happy then before , i actually

feel pretty at times ( call me concieted ) .

And listen you will get through this i

promise. You are beautiful in your own





But it's ironic because that's how i live my life. i smile on the

outside and eveyone thinks i'm doing just fine, but i'm

always dying inside, Always one step away from the edge

you know ? i can't be happy to be who i am because i don't

know who i am anymore. 


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A real man ...
 isn't ashamed to kiss his girlfriend in public , Brag about the queen she is , and love her like she's never been loved before .

Over thinking killed my happiness .
Insecurities killed my self-esteem.

Lies killed my trust .


smileitsjess' format!


dedicated , trustworthy , & Faithful /♥/

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I'd go back in time and  change it  but  i can't .

People always tell me that im one of the happiest person they know.
Little do they know that i cry myself to sleep.

 i always seem to mess up everything.
 or be told that it's all my fault.


     Those nights when you cry yourself to sleep...