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Hello Beautiful!(:
My name is Kimberly(:
Im Mexican & PROUD!(:
Im Single . 
If you need anything ill be here to listen
well i know that you guys wont probabaly read this but if you did i love you<3
Well anyways Every single one of you are Beautiful!
Follow? I fOLLOW back(:

-Stay Strong <3

         Your Beautiful!!!(:                                                                

Quotes by MATERZ143

 He kisses me on the cheek^.^<3

& we arent even going out(:

We are only given today

and never promised

tomorrow,so tell the

person you love that you

love them

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i'm falling in love with


i hope you feel the same way.

for once just show me you love & care about me instead of just saying it.  

All i want to do is be with you

 i wont let you close enough
to hurt me... again..

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Your never alone.
-Stay Strong Beautiful-

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i feel like i'm losing friends 1 by 1...

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