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Hello my name is jillian....Yeah alotta my quotes are gay but i'm putting on better ones and they should be on there but they have been pending for like a month! lol IM me if you like my quotes. :)

Quotes by MATERiALGiRL2x3

everyday i play that game called...."hide 1000 tears behind all my smiles" and i'm usually the only one playing that game.
They say heaven is way up in the sky somewhere where everyone is happy nothing ever goes wrong. You have someone to watch over and help.And we all wish to go met our loved ones that have passed up there one day...and live our lifes once again.
But heaven to me can be as simple as just being in HiS arms...
Is it better to have had someone to love?
Or never had someone to love at all?

Having someone to love will last a while.
But then It always ends in hartache which you can never forget about.

But never having anyone to love doesn't mean anyone can steal or break your heart all you do is dream.

Which is worse?
Having someone to love.
Or never having someone to love.
When your finally giving up.
When you just want to die.
When everything has gone wrong and can't get worse.
When you think no one cares anymore.
When your world has no color anymore.

Remember everyone was made for a purpose,everything happens for a reason and everyone has a gaurdian angel.And they will ALWAYS be watching over you.
Summer loves happen so fast.
Summer loves can be gone in a flash.
Summer loves can be the worst.
Summer loves can be the best.
Summer loves break your heart worse than any other.
Summer loves can sometimes be fake.

Even if some things go wrong Summer loves are still the best of any kind of love.
Your the right kind of wrong.
I'm a fool when it comes to love.
We're Dancing in the streets.