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Quotes by MCRMara

So basically,
I don't give a f**k about what you think of me anymore,You're not a big part of my life so why should I?
My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates,
You never know what you gonna get.
-Forrest Gump
Some people care too much...
I think it's called Love... <3
-Winnie Pooh

The Great Escape. Part 1



Mum slumped lower on the sofa,a bottle clutched in her hand,about a dozen scattered around her feet. "Please mum,no more!" I begged desperatley grabbing for the booze. "YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THAT!" she slurred,snatching it away with a scowl. "Whilst you at it,get me another one,and refill my glass would ya?" I did as I was told,hoping that way she wouldnt drink as much. As if. I poured the meerest amount into the glass before dropping it heavily on the ground. SMASH.She glared up at me "Now look one you've done you stupid stupid girl,go to your room.NOW!!!" she screeched,waving her arms around crazily. I rushed upstairs breathlessly before falling against the door in tears. She never used to be like this,not before she lost her job and the old house.It didn't matter how much we told her "Never mind" she blamed herself over and over,saying she had failed us. Which lead to the drinking,which lead to shouting & screaming & pain.

Fave for more?

Hi guys,I know most of you or maybe even none of you won't bother reading this let alone faving it,but it's worth a shot.
So basically,I'm writing a story called
'The Great Escape'   
t co
vers a few issues that teenagers may go through such as death,bullying,boyfriend issues etc.
I'ts all about a girl called Alix who loses her mum too drink,or so she thinks,anyway,her life just goes downhill from there...
I don't want to write to much in case I give the story away,and besides,I'm rubbish at writing these things x_x
Please,just fave if you'd read it? Even a bit of it?

Dear Students,
We can tell when you're texting,
Nobody just looks down at their crotch and smiles.
Sincerely,Your Teachers.

"Why does everyone hate the rain,it's just like a shower!"

So you take showers outside. In front of people.In your clothes.With no shampoo. && Cold water..... Ok.


The worst way to see the person you like;
-Upset,and you're not able to comfort them.


-Checking somebody else out,and you have to pretend not to notice or care.

-Seeing them everyday,
and they completely ignore you...</3

My boyfriend does this really cute thing where....
He doesn't exsist <3

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