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OHH i THiNK THEY LiKE ME ; :¨·.·¨:
BETTER YET i KN0W. `·.·´ :¨·.·¨:
LiGHTS-CAMERA-ACTiON :¨·.·¨:`·.·´

this has been the best years of our lives.
let`s pray that we can
say these
. the days are running shorter by
the hour.  we'll
this was *all we had.
The only thing needed to fear,
                                  (is fear itself).
~Here's too the ones who~
Conquer their fears every day; have true friends; have dreams; do the right thing no matter what; fight for their lives every second; are going to highschool&college; have courage; hold their heads high; have belief in themselves; don't care what others think; live above the influence; have that one true love; are out there still looking; have to face danger in their own homes; pull through it all.
~Don't give up. You're gonna get through it. You're day will come when everything just falls together.~
                         we're young.
we don't need a boy to love, hold, and kiss. we won't always be able
to relax and  be kids, but we'll always  be able to love. so i'm gonna
get  out  there  and  l i v e n  up this world, leave my mark , make  a
difference , because in  five years we  will want to rewind , but  we
cant. so stop worrying about that boy, now is  the time of our lives,
let's make  mistakes  and not care , and  memories that will  never
fade . live  it  up  and  live  it  crazy. we  are  only  young  once , let's
screw  this up  r i g h t . drop  the  drama , screw  the  calories ,  and
           never question your actions.

An English professor wrote the words, “Woman without her man is nothing” on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly. 

The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

The women wrote: “Woman: Without her, man is nothing.”


Promise Me You'll Always Remember ;; 
                       you're braver than you believe,
                          stronger than you seem,
                        && smarter than you think.

&+Sometimes I just feel like running away.
To see who would follow.
Who would miss me.
Who would forget me.
And who would try to take my place.
Just to see if
anyone cares at all.
lots of things fade in life
photos, memories, & some say feelings .
but they never really fade. they may hide.
and dont come back until something happens in your life
that makes them come
a e a e a e a e

  its never  loud enough