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                          &+ What yould you do if..                     
            i told you i think i might realllllllyy
                   like really really like you.?
                   Would you find it weirdd.?
                Or not talk to me anymore.?
      Would it make things awkward or would
          you finally understand everything.?
  and what about that girl you have your eye on.?
          would you forget about her for me?.
           or would you tell her and laugh...

Everythings better;; down where its wetter
                          [under the sea

the little mermaid <345

I feel like i have a brick on my chest.
it's pushing down. theres too much pressure on my heart.
my brain doesnt know what to do, im thinking too much.
my eyes cant handle the pressure.
Tears leak from them each day.
i hide the pain.
I can't let anyone know that i still think of you every moment of the day.
I still have feelings for you, but you dont feel the same way for me.
My emotions are going crazy.
I wanna hurt you real bad for playing games with my heart,
but i wanna kiss you-
to show you that i miss what we had,
to show you what your missing out on.
i miss your hugs.
i miss your kisses.
i miss your smile.
i miss your friendly little texts.
i miss you.
i cant get over you, but i need to.
its too much for my body to handle.
im just not that strong.
venting. im sorry,
but i miss him so much.
and hes happy with other girls :/
feel free to editt.

but credit to mee.
When boys say they love you,
they really mean;;

it seems like yesterday was pep rally. its like we just got here; we are still the little freshmen that know nothing about high school. and now all of a sudden our freshmen year is over? life flies by, so baby hold on tight because lifes going to be one fast roller coaster;; &+ no ones ready for the ride.
your mind is like a parachute;; it only works when opened.

-dont steal
it ain't what they call you,
it's what you answer to.
<3 <3 <3
When you're beautiful,
jealous haters come with the territory.
i know for a fact that the world isn't ending today,
because its already tomorrow in austrailia <3

*saw it somewhere