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what is my LIFE
i'm really unoriginal and i'm not creative so i don't have a layout lol
all you need to know about me is that i love justin bieber and competitive swimming
my profile is irrelevant so um ya enjoy

Quotes by MacKenzieSwims

me: what's a pirate's favorite letter?
person: R.
me: rrr you think it's the rrr but it's actually the ccc



              I've been sad lately. Why?

               Honestly, I don't know.

format goes to wittycause

Tonight was the first day of Justin Bieber's Believe Tour.
Tonight was a very special night for a very special person.
Rest in Peace Avalanna. 
Earth lost a fighter, but Heaven gained an angel.
You may be gone, but never forgotten.
You are forever Mrs. Bieber. 

Today at school during my language class, this kid had to grab his backpack
His backpack was in the middle of the aisle between the desks, and instead of getting up and walking around to get it, he climbed over the desk.
His pants were somewhat low, so I saw his underwear.
There were smiling bananas on them.
He's popular too.



just remember that internet explorer never gave up so neither should you


just a reminder that we all die in 3 months lol

idk man i still go on webkinz sometimes

i am a walking 404 error

i'm so hip i'm almost a pelvis


So today I was late for my science class, because my locker was jammed.
And when I finally got to my class, everyone saw me, and screamed "happy birthday!" including my teacher.
It's not even my birthday
true story.