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Jane was here. ;)
^Yees you were. Are you happy Imma keep this here? LOL ♥
All Time Low
The summer set
Pierce The Veil 
Sleeping with sirens
Marianas Trench

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I don't use this much that more,but I can try to use it again, I'm not sure, I usually use tumblr, Kik or Twitter c: 

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hii; so since i don't use this alot but I shall try to c: follow my other accounts! instagram; piercethewonderland twitter; piercethedreams or Rainbow_skys tumblr; panicinalltimeadventure kik; Piercethedreams yuus that is about it :3
He's perfect, He just doesn't realise it yet..
when your best friend asks you out.
then your parents get suspicious you have a boyfriend and they dont know about it . oopss .
 She looks into the sky, 
Looking at the stars,
Wondering if she can ever go up there.

Looking at her wrists, 
Thinking this could be the end. 
She could be up there with all the stars.

Thinking and thinking
Crying and writing, 
Writing ''Im sorry, I didn't want this''

Looking at the world. 
Looking at the different perspectives of everyone..

This is her last goodbye.. 


   I Told my friend I was having guy issues. 

And he said ' Maddiee..You either get over this guy.. Or its our friendship... "

I know it seem's pretty cruel and you all think it may not work. 
But it worked and Im already over the guy, It's been like a day and I'm over him. He's still on my kik since i'm too lazy too delete him. 

My point is, Dont choose a guy over your friends cause in the end, The guy may not even like you & then you won't have your friends. 

I don't even know WHY I decided to like this guy.. 

He Took my kik picture -- NEVER deleted it, even though I asked him too. 
Always Said weird a$# Sh/t and idek .

But Im glad My friend helped me with this. Yep. Dont even read this ahahaaavljfghn,  


I was apparently dating this guy.

who likes me but idek if i like him '

now he doesnt wanna talk to me cause what I said and I feeel bad ..
Oh hush
you just
broke my
heart, I'm
better off
never knowing.
it's just
a crush
but it's
enough this
feeling is
never going


                                     She dreams too leave
                                         Leave the place she hates the most
                                The place where she is unwanted the most
                                            She wants a place too fit in. 
                                                But will she ever find it? 
Wanting to leave. 
Wanting to start a new life. 
Wanting things we cant have. 
It's hard. 
We can make it.
We have to stay strong
Even if you wanna give up

Live your life because you actually never know when it will just be taken away from you.. 

” I stop.. Thats what they all say. We all say we will stop an addiction we have; weather its smoking, cutting or starving our selfs, ect. But truth is. It takes so much too stop and sometimes we don’t even stop. We go back too it because it helps us deal with issues, not because we WANT too, because it helps us. Everyone tells their loved ones they stopped, but in reality we don’t stop because when people say words, they hurt. Its OUR way of making those words disappear for a amount of time.”