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I love Louis Tomlinson with all my                                                 heart.


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Every girl dreams about marrying a  prince
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You were born
an orginal
so don't die
a copy.



It's seriously pathetic that people judge you for what you wear, It doesn't affect them, so why start more drama? Don't listen to what others have to say, all that matters is what you think.
Be you
not what others want you to be.


You are in a relationship with Louis Tomlinson

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is a long time but I wouldn't mind
spending it by your side

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We all have that one guy: 
that we can talk to for hours
and neverget bored.


Girls need to strart looking for guys
who have goals, ambitions, and an education
 because from 10 years from now "swag" isn't oin
gg to pay the bills



            didn't have to take off her dress       «          
   »                      to get prince charming
        AND NEITHER DO YOU. ♥