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nicolešŸŒ¹* 6 days ago
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Aw thank you Maddy. I start online classes tomorrow, gross! I'm going to miss being at my dorm so much. My family is driving me crazy already!
It's okay now. I get upset sometimes when I think about it because Klauss was my best friend for many years, but the relationship had kind of run its course, and he wasn't someone who I could be with long term! Yes, Chris and I are still very much flinging! It's nothing serious, since he also just got out of a long relationship but we're having fun.
I feel the same way! I feel like I'm going to get so distracted doing school online from home!
Ah yes I remember you telling me about Alton. I know this quarantine nonsense is straining a lot of relationships but I'm sure you can make it through this rough patch since you have been together so long! c:
Wish you the best until next time we speak, stay well.
Steve 7 years ago
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Nice quotes!