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Just Smile
its the second
best thiing
you can do
wiith yer lips<3

middle school;;
it may not be the ride you hoped for,
but it'll be the best ride of your life

10 things to live by.
1. the only unreachable dream is the one you don't reach for.
2. everything happens for a reason. go with the flow.
3. don't regret anything;;
at one time
it was exactly what you wanted.
4. don't ever give up on something
you can't go a day without thinking about.
5. live for the moments
you can't talk
about because you'll laugh too hard.
6. live for the moment's even kodak cant capture.
7. after the rain there's always a rainbow.
8. the ones who say you can't & you won't are
always the ones who are most scared that you will.

9. don't wait for the storm to pass...
learn how to dance in the rain.

10. life isn't about the breaths you take;
its about the moments that take your breath away.
^^ i liive by these<3

Heey. the names madiison<3
my friend got me into wittty and well im
ima a great friend but i can
very obnoxious and annoying sometimes<3
and im not gunnna lie
im extremely
ive gotten many broken hearts but
ive gotten over them and..
even if it kills i'll
Smile .
i fake a smile almost evry day 
which is very bad.
im very insecure so im one of those people who
bags on themseves every 5 seconds
if you cant deal wiith that
tough shiit[=
i favorite a lot of qoutes
bc i no how special i feel wen i get
lots of favors[=
well yeah
so you should get to no me..
you wont regret it..
then again you may be crazy and regret it..
just kiddin' [=
well yea so..
peace out cub scout<3

so maybe the girl isn't fat
but maybe someone got the thought in her
head that she is and she's never let go
of what that person said. so now she'll
go around complaining saying, "I'm so
fat!" ;she doesnt just say it to get attention,
she lets the skinnier girls out there know
that she thinks shes fat so they won't go
behind her back and say it. she says
it to feel the security that she needs,
so she wouldn't have to worry about
poeple gossiping about the last 2 pounds
she has put on, so next time you hear
someone call themselves fat, don't tell them
"shut up!" give them the inspiration to not
worry about their apperance and that shes
beautiful the way she appears to be,
& just remember shes lying to her self out of


color pictures
show the color of our clothes

black&+white pictures
show the color of our soul
^^ i <3 it[=

example of fan art<3



Quotes by Maddybabyxo

I wasnt supposed to give up on you,
because i thought about you everday,
but i did and my world
is so much better
with him
effing your man since
When you got nothing,
you got nothing to loose
                            -Jack Dawson<3
the best way to get over someone,
is to get
under someone else(;

yeaah, him hes the only one
who truely got me to smile<3

I leave my window open,
because im too tired to call
you broke my heart,
you tore it in two,
and now all i wonder,
is why am i still
loving you
take nothing but
leave nothing but

edititng later[: