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Mistakes In Love

Chapter 5


It was about a half hour later, but all that kept happening was my vile puking. I was in the bathroom, doubeled over the toilet. Why? Oh yeah, because the chances are, I was pregnant. By choice? No. Do I want Ryan's baby? Yes.
"Phoebs? Are you alright? Here" He called, he slid a pregnancy test from underneath the door. I took it and did it. Oh f/ck,it was posotive. I came out uncertain,
"Well? Are you?" He asked,
"Yes" I kept my head bent. He clashed his lips against mine. Yes we'd kissed before, but this time it was different. It was special, it meant something, It felt..It felt good. 
"What?" I muttered against his lips. They slowly brushed together,
"Nothing, sorry. I didn't mean to, you know-" He said,
"Its fine" I cut him off. 
"No, I shouldn't-"
"Ryan please,"

 "Phoeb's theres something I have to ask you."
Go ahead"
"Will you marry me?" 

(I know its a REALLY short chapter :/ And something tells me, that this is going to be a really short story :S Oh well, their can be way more..:P x Love Ya'll(:x)

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Mistakes In Love

Chapter 3


"ALYSSA!" I shouted, trying to open the door.
"What? What? Calm down! Phoebs, whats wrong?!" she said opening the door. Alyssa (Aly for short) was my step sister, she was 21, and boy was she a life saver. She hugged me, letting me cry in her shoulder.
"Hold up! Why are you in a towel? Are you naked under there? Phoebs, look, lets go inside and you can tell me" So, we went inside, and I got changed in her clothes. We sat on the sofa and I started,
"Ryan. Were over I think.." I muttered,
"Awwh, Im sorry, I'm sure you'll make up again" she replied,
"No Aly..It isn't that simple, you see-" There was a knock at the door. Aly smiled she got up to open it. I ran to the entrance of the living room, slowly peaked my head around. Oh.My.F/ckin.God. Ryan. Ryan was at the door?! Aly didn't even hear the whole story, What am I supposed to do? Ugh. 
"Is Phoebs here?" I heard him say,
"Yeah, shes in the living room, would you like to see her?" she said..Sh/t.
"Yeah, thanks" Ryan came in, and I quickly sat on the sofa.
"Hey." he muttered,
"What do you want?" I whispered, furiously, my eyes were burning up but I wasn't going to cry..
"Come back"
"Do I look stupid? No! Im not coming back, I wouldn't come back whether my life depended on it!"
"Listen here. You are my girlfriend and I dont care what you think about it, alright? You tell anyone about this part or you'll never see Samuel again" 
"What?" Sam was my best friend. Ever. What the hell was he thinking?
"I think its clear"
"You cant kill Sam"
"On the contrary, I can do whatever I want"
"Fine. I'll do it..Ryan? Why does it mean that much to you? That I stay?"
"I dunno" he said quickly, too quickly.
"Tell me"
"Look, its complicated. Just leave it? Alright?" He said it, but it wasn't quite angrily..
"Alright." I looked at him in a way, I hadn't looked at anyone before..He wasn't the angry drunken kinda guy I saw..It was something different. He looked as if he was about to cry, his eyes were just..different. 

(Supp. ;] Yupppp. Todays chapter DONE. Probably another one later x] x Love ya'll(:) x

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Mistakes In Love

Chapter 2


He ran his hands up my top, I tried to focus but he just wouldn't stop. He pulled my top off and unfastened the bra strap. All at once my trousers were off, and my pants. 
"Play along and I wont make this hard for you" he gritted out his teeth. My hands were all over his body taking his clothes off and whatever. I can't believe he was going to f/ck me, I didn't want to have s/x with him - But I had no choice. 
"Whoaa, slow down" I muttered, he smirked,
"Sorry, am I going to fast for my baby?" I bit my lip, debating how to answer. I started to hit his chest and make sure his hands wouldn't touch anywhere..inappropiete. 
"Stop it" he demanded,
"No." I said, he looked suprised at my response,
"What? I said stop it, now stop it women" he suddenly pinned me to the bed, his face in mine, anger just burning in his eyes. I tried pushing up, but it was no use, he was too strong. I could feel bruises coming in, he slapped me around my head, everything went blurry and I felt dizzy. No, No. I couldn't give him control of me! I didn't want to have s/x with him! Wait - He didnt have a c/nd/m on him..Which means - NO. I wasn't gunna get pregnant with him, I couldn't! 
"Whats up? Cat gotya' tongue!" he snickered. He was disgusting. Absoulutly disgusting. He shaked me back and fourth violently. I burst into tears, and shouted,
"Stop! STOP! Get off me!" I spat in his face, and managed to push him off with all the strength in me. He punched my eye, and whacked my lip, it started to bleed but I didn't care. I got a towel around me and ran out. The tears spilt down my cheek, sweat beading down my forehead and I just ran, and I knew exactly where.  Alyssa's house.

(Haaii(: I know I already posted a chapter today, but then I was like, What the heck? One more chapter aint gunna kill me so Yeaah. :] Love ya'lll) 

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