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Both of the sites above have the un-censored version of the story!! (:

 I'm Madi (The brunette in the profile picture) and I made this witty so I can share the One Direction fan fiction that my friend Daphne (the blonde) and I created! I will follow back (: Hope you enjoy the story. Translation: Your ovaries better explode. If you guys like this one, we will probably write another fic! But this one is no where near being done!

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maybe the reason as to why i'm single is
because i've never gone to a new years eve party at a ski resort and sung karaoke with a complete stranger.

so yesterday i was babysitting five kids under the age of nine (i know, i know, i'm practically jesus. shhh.) and one of them was an 8 year old boy called Corben. basically, he developed a huge crush on me after i told him i liked star trek and dragons, and he kept hitting on me the entire time and it was hilarious and also adorable.

alana (his six year old sister): oh wow, you're so good at lego. you're magical.
corben: yeah, lizzy's so magical that she makes people fall in love with her and wish that they were older so that tHEY COULD MARRY HER FOREVER
corben: when we get married can we have a cat? i like cats.
me: what
alana: corben i'm never talking to you again
corben: lizzy, do you like cocoa pops?
me: yeah, but--
corben: i'll get you three bowls.
me: okay, goodnight you guys.
corben: mum usually gives us a cuddle before we go to sleep.
alana: no she doesn--
corben: shHHhHhHH.
me: no.
corben: not even a little cuddle?
me: why are you out of bed?
corben: do you want to read my book about dragons
me: no, go back to bed
corben: i'll read it to you if you want

Whenever I like a singer or a band before they get popular
I always take a little credit for their success because I was an original fan.

Son: Dad, what does 'gay' means?

Father: It means 'to be happy'.

Son: Are you gay?.

Father:No, son. I have a wife.

Its kind of like,
the difference between putting your hand on your own,
and him putting his hand on yours.
When you touch your hand, you don’t feel it,
nothing happens, it’s just there.

But when he has his hand there,
you feel everything.
Every move of his palm,
every squeeze of his hand,
and every brush of his finger.
And you feel it right down to your toes and up to your neck.
Everything in your body tingles,
but it’s the most wonderful thing ever.
Every move he makes,
                               he makes a difference.


and Liam you stay exactly where
you   are   cause   you   are
This quote does not exist.
why do i get apprehensive about walking past a group of teenagers alone i am a teenager

*:・゚✧Cute as a button, every single one of you.*:・゚✧


rest in peace

cory monteith

31 years was nowhere near long enough.
praying for lea and his family & friends.