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Imagine the word "banana" with any other vowel..
My homework brings all the Asians to the yard
And they're like, it wasn't even hard
I'm gonna teach you,
but I have to charge.


Did you know there's no angry way of saying "boob

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} if you said it out loud. 

Did you know there's no angry way of saying "boob

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} if you said it out loud. 


Jesus could walk on water
cucumbers are 96% water
i can walk on cucumbers
therefore i am 96% Jesus

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I Just Noticed...
The cursor has a shadow

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1) Press the "Fave'' button
2) Highlight The Numbers
3) Press ctrl and "f"

4) Type 99
5) Click "Highlight all" and see what happens [;


That awkward moment when

The man that discovered milk had to explain what he was doing to the cow.

Format by Sandrasaurus

What Girls Do In The Shower

Me: lalalalala, i hope i got all the hair
Me: goes over leg again
Me:okay, i think i got it all
Me: ahh shiz i cut myself
Me: at least it doesn't hurt!
Me: onto the next leg
Me: shave shave shave
Me: oh crap, the cut is starting to hurt
Me: oh it's bleeding
Me: oh ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
Me: i'm going to bleed to death
Me: this is the end
Me: goodbye cruel world
Me: oh nevermind, continue shaving
Me: lalalalalala AHH I CUT MYSELF AGAIN
Me: ouch ouch ouch man down, man effing down
Me: this really is the end, i'm dying
Me: i'm bleeding to death. GOOD BYE WORLD
Mom: what are you doing?
Me: uhhhm... bleeding to death...
Mom: okay

Pssh, no i wasn't sticking

my middle finger up at you.
I was simply going for
A fist bump....

Unicorn style.