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i'm madison and i've lived for a grand 16 years.

photographer || writer || tea addict || film editor

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Madnolia 3 years ago to Steve
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Hello Steve! It's been a LONG time since I've been on Witty. I made the bad decision of deleting my previous account because I thought I'd never come back but, here I am! (L0ner was my old account) I remember spending hours upon hours on Witty back when it was more active and I truly miss those days. It's quite nostalgic being on here again and I hope one day it'll return to it's former glory. But in the meantime I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for creating this wonderful site that let me freely express myself through quotes when i was in the beginnings of my teenage years. This site has impacted me more than you'd believe. If it weren't for this site my stepsister and I woudn't be as close as we are today. I hope everything has been well for you these past couple years and that you'll have even greater ones in the next! ❤