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                                            Hey, I'm Mae.
  I've been through alot, to make me as strong as I am now.
I know who I am, so your opinions aren't needed.

I am madly inlove with a boy named Cameron Joseph Wright, 9 months and forever is on the way :*
  I'm really funny and outgoing/ fun to be around, but...
  If you get on my bad side, I could make your life a living hell.
I'm 110% Christian, and I believe in the Lord.
I have an obsession and his name is Zac Efron. I'm overly obsessed.
 I'm an aspiring Emergency Care Nurse in the United States Airforce. 

Quotes by Maeexo

Today, August 22nd, is eight months I've spent with my bestfriend

About 3 weeks ago, I got the news that you were on your way home from
the mall with your sister, and two of your older friends..when the car accident
occured. I couldn't believe it. I knew that you would be able to pull through this,
and you were doing fantastic. Even though you were in induced coma, you
were responding just fine and everyone was praying and so greatful that you were alive.
"She's getting better!" everyone kept saying, and it was true. I had every.single.class
with you, and all the memories we had, were priceless. Our relationship was different
from everyone else's, you weren't just my bestfriend. You were more like my sister.
We fought and picked on eachother like sisters, cried and laughed like sisters, but most
importantly, we had trust like sisters. This morning, on May 30th, 2012.. God decided he needed
someone like you up in Heaven. When I got the news this morning, I could do nothing but
throw up and cry. You took apart of me with you. You're the strongest girl I know, Sarah Lynn. <3

Rest In Paradise baby girl, You'll always be my sister friend. <3
Love you so much.

(For anyone who read this, thank you..)

laying on her bed, in his tshirt & underwear.
only having the strength to put in headphones
and blast out any memories with him.
tears roll down her face, and her stomach tightens
in pain.
her phone laying on the floor, with his messages
ignored on the screen.
her empty box of tissues sits 
there beside the picture of their anniversary.

she can't imagine being with anyone but him, and she 
thinks to herself,


trying to drown out the memories of her by playing
he turns off the flat screen and falls on his bed, imagining
her shiny hair falling over her shoulders.
her smell of the 
perfume he bought her for their anniversary.
he puts in
his headphones and turns it up as loud as it can possibly go.

his hands grasp his cellphone tightly waiting for her reply, knowing 
it's not coming.
he can't imagine being with anyone but her, and he
thinks to himself,



I used to come on witty, to read quotes that made me feel good.
Now it's been invaded by The Hunger Games & One Direction quotes.
I might just have to leave Witty...


Dear girls,

It's not attractive when you can see your neon lime green bra, usually stuffed, pushing your boobs out of your deep v-cut shirt. It's not attractive when your shorts are so short, you can see the bottom lining of your underwear, nor is it attractive seeing your thong top when you simply bend down. Why do us girls portray ourselves so poorly? Do you not have any respect for yourself, and want respect from others towards you? This is why you get attention. Not because you're "hot". Guys may think you're all that and flashy, but us other girls.. we just think you're all trashy.

Us girls with class.

Swallow your pride & suck up your tears. 
This is the time to face your fears.

Once you have her, hold her tight and treat her right.
If not, she'll slip through your hand; quicker than quick sand.


 Some people dream of


Haters will broadcast your failures,
& whisper your success.

I'm sorry,                                           
I didn't know there was a size on beauty.