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I am a girl, I play the flute, live in PA, know cupcakes4eva personallly (she is like MY BESTIE, FOLLOW US and we will love you forever), and think the bestest movies in the world are Loin King, She's the Man, Dirty Dancing, Grease, 16 candles, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Happy Feet. I like to read and my fav book is ill love you forever... Its a baby book but I love it to death, my other favorites are The Benedict Society (1, 2, 3, and 4) my favorite animals are narwhales, unicorns, dogs, cats, and well... just about everything fluffy... Single Pringle :P, I am 13 years young, turning 14 on My 26th feel free to make my day and say happy birthday. Last but not least raping the fav button would be like, so awesome of you! :)

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One Thing

One Direction FanFic
 Chapter 1

"Lehla time to... get up for scccchool," fantastic, 6:30 am and my mom has already started drinking. I moaned and rolled over, "Mom," I called with a slight additude, "It's Staurday!" calmer, this time. BAM! My door opens, "Dont give me lip young missy!" She had a bottle in her hand, Jack Daniels, her latest boyfriend must have broken up with her. "I shed get UP!" and she yanked me out of my bed and slapped me, I knew not to say anything during these beatings, it would only make them worse. But at least they were only slaps, I wont have to explain any bruises to my friends.
When she was done, I got up off the floor where she had thrown me, and got dressed, me and my friends were going to the mall to go shopping for dresses for the prom, I knew I wouldn't get a big fancy dress, but at least I wouldn't be showing up in a t-shirt and jeans. I walked out to my car, and turned the key in the ignition, it gave me one of those, "IM DYING" noises. Guess ill be walking.


Sorry I didnt post a chapter, Ive got alot of studying to do for Finals :/

One Thing

One Direction FanFic

"Put the knife down and step away..." My mom called to me. "Put it down Lehla, you know you don't want to do it" she called to me again her voice shaking. I could hear her, but I couldn't. I couldn't drop it, I couldn't drop my life line, the thing that has kept a smile on my face for the past 3 months, I couldn't drop what has helped me wake up in the morning and face the terror of school. I couldn't do it.


I heard someone coming up the stairs. My dad probably, coming up to whisper to my mom that the police were on their way, that they’d be here in a minute. I heard the distant siren, it was going to take them more than a minute, as it turns out it would take them an hour, a tree had fallen and they were stuck. But I wasn’t worried, they couldn’t do anything. I did my research, I chose the best way to cope, and waste away. I knew that if I was ever caught they truly couldn’t do anything, all of them would freak, call the police, and try and convince me to drop the knife. But even if they did, it wouldn’t matter, I was too far gone. 


 Um so this is the prologue, I really appriciate your support (if your reading this), ill try to post a chapter everyday, but my weekends are usually pretty busy. And for my friends that have Witty's not, its not real, but something I just wanted to write about.

Well guys, I desided to do it, im writing a story. But befor you get your panties in a twist about it not seeming like a fanfiction or anything, but this is going to be different, but in a good way you'll see. :)

 Telling me to get over him is like telling a pedophile to stop creeping on little kids

its practically impossible
So this is for all 69 of my followers, thanks for making my profile look dirty ;)

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something that can change something this dramatic into something

T  H  I  S dr

And you took the air I'm breathing,
you betrayed me
I don't know what happened
but we fell apart
You left me with a broken heart,
broken heart
And broken hearts,
they never fade away
And broken hearts are here,
here to stay
And now im forcing you away
so im begging you please, stay away

so the person I thought was my best friend went behind my back and said some pretty nasty things, but i just needed to vent 

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Ever since the Hunger Games got popular, people have been wishing for love like Peeta and Kaniss, but lets back up for a second, remember Twilight? I want a love like, Bella and Edward, Alice and Jasper, Esme and Carlile something that will last FOREVER

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