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Quotes by MaggiieBear

When people seriously compliment me
Its like wow.
are you being for real
God bless you
and your family
and I hope all your dreams
come true 

SheShe don't have to knoi JUST  

I hate when
 I offer people food 
 And they accept. 


 Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry?
SheShe don't have to knoi JUST  

If you follow the road everyone else takes,
you will only get stuck in traffic.


So Relatable #6

- Everything is funnier when you're trying to be serious .  


So Relatable #5

- " Wow. You're cool "

 Did you read that in a sarcastic voice ?



So Relatable #4

Sarcasm - Because beating the crap out of people is illegal.



So Relatable #3

-The awkward moment when you are the first one to the lunch table & it looks like you have no friends.



So Relatable #2

- When the b.tch next to you magically has the pencil you were using. -_-



So Relatable #1

-Taking a picture with my friends takes forever,because if one person looks bad it must be deleted.