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My name's Megan but my friends either call me Magpie or 14 yrs.old & i go to SHS...9th me wheneva u want...i got 3 sn's 1. Magpie8913 2.Xo2bruntte4uoX 3.HoKiEsBaBi91 (you can email me @ # 1 but #2&# 3 is on aim) *..? ???)) -:?:- ?.?? .????)) ((??.?? ..?? -:?:- -:?:- (( ?? ? ?(?`v??)::? ?..??..*.. ?? ..? *..??-:?:v?* Megan *-:?:- ??..* * ?.. ?? ..*.. ?? ..? * -:?:- * ?.. ?? ..*.. ?? . :.? * -:?:- +

Quotes by Magpie8913

Blondes r lucky.....
They have an excuse
all you blonde cheerleaders are like OMG im so hott but babi nuthin beats a SEXI GyMnAsTs!!
Losing you bestfriend...
and boifriend in one day...
SUCKS! believe me i havehad that happen to me Kara (muh bez friend) go in2 it. And then l8r i found out that muh bf cheated on me wit her and that SUCK monkey!!
i remember girl i was the one who gave you your first kiss
i remember girl i said put your lips like this...
youll always be my boo ...
u told me u tried to cut urself
then it kept replaying in my head
u grabbing the razor
tryiing to ease the pain
pressing it against ur skiin
making a mark upon ur arm
ohh how i wish i was there to stop you
ohh how i wish so hard

ohh u knwo things will get better
but u kept tryiing to fix it urself
seeing when u cant do anythinng about it
its uup tp everyone else
but u wanted to fix it
u tryed hard
and i bet they would thank u for it
so thanks

but a thanks is always good enough
i knwo becuz i see
i see that fake smile
and when people ask u if
anythiing is wrong
you say oh yeah i'm fine
but i know ur not
i know how u are
i know that u are just smiliing
so no one will ask u
?whats wrong?
u thiink it gets past me
but no it doesnt
seein ur fake smile on
makes me put miine on

you have no idea what u mean to me
-*ur my best friend
-*my sister
the twin i always wished for
we said best friend forever
but we cant make it forever
if u try to end it to soon

i asked u to promise me not to do ti again
and u said i cant make and promises
but this is all i want
i want u not to hurt urself
i care to much about u
i love you to death
please dont do this to urself
ur not just hurtiing u
but ur hurting me too
Though our hearts may continue to break, the bonds we've made never will. And as we pray things will never change, every one of us knows that eventually they will. As the world spreads us in different directions I just want to make this clear, that no matter how near or far we are my heart will always be here. So when tommarow carries us down different paths and we all seem so far apart dont ever think iv forgotton about you
because u all will remain in my heart.
A hippi, Usher, and George Bushweer flying in a plane that was about to crash. They all were fight because there were only 2 parachutes. Usher said "Well since I have a concert to go to I need a parachute so he jumps out of the aircraft. Then George Bush says "since Im the prz. I need a parachute" Then th hippi says "That idiot jumped out of this plane with my backpack!!!!!!"
I play muh games like Monoply
I dare ne B*tch to land on my property
Today 10-31-04
flordia lost three games today and the last time that happened it was 1978
Me and my girls are sticking together
No matter what, we'll be friends forever
Thru good times and bad, they've always been there
A shoulder to cry on, an hour to spare
Thanks girls, for everything
You girls are the greatest, i love you all so much!
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