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My name's Megan but my friends either call me Magpie or 14 yrs.old & i go to SHS...9th me wheneva u want...i got 3 sn's 1. Magpie8913 2.Xo2bruntte4uoX 3.HoKiEsBaBi91 (you can email me @ # 1 but #2&# 3 is on aim) *..? ???)) -:?:- ?.?? .????)) ((??.?? ..?? -:?:- -:?:- (( ?? ? ?(?`v??)::? ?..??..*.. ?? ..? *..??-:?:v?* Megan *-:?:- ??..* * ?.. ?? ..*.. ?? ..? * -:?:- * ?.. ?? ..*.. ?? . :.? * -:?:- +

Quotes by Magpie8913

No School + me + you - parents = Trouble
You wanna make some trouble with me?
give me a call or come on over
*muahahahahaha* lol bbl
Forget school, Forget class, Forget me and I'll kick your @$$ !!!
Tank Tops * Flip Flops
Ice Cream * Sweet Dreams
Late Nights * Water Fights
A Suntan * A Game Plan
Sleeping In * Sneaking Out
Feet in Sand * Drink in Hand
...all I want is .. *Summer to come bac*
Never argue w/ an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with expirience. Never argue w/ me, I'll drag you down to my level & beat you with a bat.
Forbidden friut.... is always tha sweetest
Twas Halloween night and all through the towns, children were dressing as dragons and clowns. Horsemen were searching around for their heads, while monsters and goblins would hide beneath beds. But I, in the midst, was flustered with fright, Unable to find a soul I knew in sight. When what to my wondering eyes did I see? But an Indian, saloon girl, a ladybug and me!
1,2 Freddy's coming for you
3,4 Shut the door
5,6 Grab your crucifix
7,8 Stay up late
9,10 Never sleep again
Have A Horror-filled Halloween!! ;-)
Trick~or~Treat, smell my feet, leave a message at the beep...
Halloween costume-$20 Red Contacts-$15 The look of fear and impending doom on your party guest's faces when they realize that you REALLY are the devil and you WILL take their souls... PRICELESS
This is weird::

In 1918 the Red Sox won their last game; The World Series. Out of that whole season they won 86 games. 68 years later we went to the World Series again. But we lost. In 2004, 86 years from 1918, and 18 years from 1986 we won again.

Freaky huh? Send this to 10 people for fun and see what they say. Its just something to get people thinking. I think it's kinda freaky that the dates revolve around 18 and 86. What if it was all a plan? Ever think of that? Its probably not but just to think of something like that happening. Like 9/11 its the same thing except less much less tragicall. 9/11 is 9-1-1 and 9+11= 20 the 20$ bill makes the trades on fire when folded properly. Is it a plan or coincedence.

I made the chain myself but me and my brother figured out the math... ^^^ so weird!!!
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