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Makaykay102's Favorite Quotes

                            Parent: Wear a jacket over your halloween costume
                            Child: .....




that awful moment

when you see a cute shirt... but then realize it says something dumb on it.


Witty: Please sign in to add this quote to your faves!
Me: *signs in*
Witty: You are already signed in silly!
So the computer just fell out the window?

You say One Direction's only
famous for their looks?
Yeah, I bought their album
To listen to their faces.


Did you know that the saddest quote ever created was by the funniest man in the world..
"I love walking in the rain cause no one can see me crying."
Rowan Atkinson
(a.k.a. Mr. Bean)


Mexican jokes and Black jokes are all the same.
Once you've heard Juan, you've heard Jamal.



I miss old Disney...
Who else remembers these shows? :
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers = my favorite old show(:
Dave the Barbarian
The Proud Family
Bug Juice
Even Stevens
Mike's Super Short Show
Lilo and Stitch
Flash Forward
In a Heartbeat
Z Games
Disney Channel Games (Red, green, blue, and yellow teams?)
Kim Possible
Lizzy McGuire

♥} If you remember any of these!
Comment which ones!


Me: Quick! Everyone act natural!

*everyone strikes the most un-natural pose ever*

people think that when I have my headphones on, they can still talk to me.