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What's my name?
Well doll's ... My name is Amanda. I am a random person and a weird one. I'm not very much of a people person because most people that I meet a highly dislike them . Many people are on wittyprofiles for a reason and most are for a heart break , friendship problems. Family problems . etc. I can go on, What am I on witty for? I'm on witty just to get away from people in my life. I'm the kind thats the rich , mean . bitchy girl and don't take it the wrong way but I am a nice person but I just believe I should stand up for what I believe in . I believe everything happens for a reason and karma really is a bitch ; What ever goes around comes right back around , I don't believe in hurting people because I have been hurt 1O x harder by friends . I dislike when people put me down for reasons just because they think I'm annoying. I love talking so my witty people leave me a comment and i'll reply right away . One thing I dislike is the vulgar language some people are using on this site for crying out loud we have 12 year olds on this site .Anyways send me a comment:] 

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Yes Mom

Every guy I talk to is my boyfriend __.

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Sometimes, I feel so scared to use facebook , I just delete it then reactivate it. Even if my profile and everything is private, and I only have friends I know.
Can someone tell me the good things and the bad things about it?



"Don't worry witty girls.."
"We will win this war!"
 Pympy Girls got nothing on us. 
Pympy girls think were hating.. lets show them were not.


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I Can't do it anymore! 
 I start high school in September , I passed all of my classes and did everything what I was supposed to in Middle School . I was put into a program that would help me over the summer to prepare me with high school and will also give me two extra credits . For the past days I have been crying my self to sleep and doing many other crazy things because I don't believe I belong there and I want to enjoy my summer . I work hard and those who don't , they never have to pay back . Its Monday to Thursday 8  To 12:45 P/M. I don't want to go but my mom is making me . I have stopped eating I have been stressed out . I have been crying a lot and I need help!!! 

 3:56 A:M

so She's the kind of girl that smokes in the schools bathroom,

Use Fake ID's


There are Empty Liquor bottles in her locker.

Call her a hoe,

but You don't know her story.

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I just found out...

I just graduated middle school in June. The policy was if you pass all your core subjects and passed the test then you can go to graduation and your good to go. I was so happy I am one of the top students in my class and works hard . I always try my best and make sure I pass everything. Today I got a call from the high school I will be attending in September , they called saying that I needed to go to a summer program in the high school I will be attending . I have to go to the summer program from tomorrow to the 28th 
of june while the others who failed have to go til august 18th . I have to go from monday from thursday.
plss witty girls I need your help I need advice . I need help! PLEASE!


Dear McDonald's Cashier ,
Don't give me that look... Last time I checked, there was no age limit on Happy Meals .

Sincerely, Don't forget the toy!

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Titanic Quote #2

It's been 84 years , and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used . The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was the ship of dreams, and it really was. It really was.

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