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What's my name?
Well doll's ... My name is Amanda. I am a random person and a weird one. I'm not very much of a people person because most people that I meet a highly dislike them . Many people are on wittyprofiles for a reason and most are for a heart break , friendship problems. Family problems . etc. I can go on, What am I on witty for? I'm on witty just to get away from people in my life. I'm the kind thats the rich , mean . bitchy girl and don't take it the wrong way but I am a nice person but I just believe I should stand up for what I believe in . I believe everything happens for a reason and karma really is a bitch ; What ever goes around comes right back around , I don't believe in hurting people because I have been hurt 1O x harder by friends . I dislike when people put me down for reasons just because they think I'm annoying. I love talking so my witty people leave me a comment and i'll reply right away . One thing I dislike is the vulgar language some people are using on this site for crying out loud we have 12 year olds on this site .Anyways send me a comment:] 

And other stuff..
Other Stuff :]
Facebook ; Don't have one
Twitter; Had One.
Youtube ; Lets get to know each other a bit more .
Witty ; Manduhhx3
Aim ; Had One. 
Any questions be free to ask me I don't bite!! :]
Once you get to know me I'm really nice! :]


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