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Okay guys, so im not going to have a pretty account.
I just need somewhere to post things on a regular basis of how i feel, what im going through, and things like that. Follow me if you want, but it won't upset me if you don't.
If you don't like my account, that's just too bad; im not here to please you.
And lastly if you Ever need Anyone to talk to, I'm right here for you.
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Quotes by Mandy1397

You don't know how much the little things you do
          mean to me.
I wanted to kiss Tom Daley at midnight.
I mean, I guess I'll settle for my boyfriend...
Who are you going to be kissing tonight?
    & I never thought when I first met you,
       that one day,

            I'd be this crazy about you
When we hold hands
           we're no longer two seperate people.
  When we hold hands
            we're joined together.
   And it means that at that time,
             neither one of us has to tackle the world
                      on our own.
All I want is for you to pull me close,
Kiss me on the forehead,
and tell me
        you love me.
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