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 handcore music
 South Florida,
Aisling=my home gurl.
Mia<3- Love of my life ok.
coolkids for the winn(;
Cher Lloyd<3, Demi Lovato<3, Onision, Lana Del Ray, Miley Cyrus(: ,SKINSS<33 (OBIVS),
Sleeping With Sirens, (Yes, I know all of the band members...not just Kellin) ,Pierce The F*cking Veil
,All Time Lowwww<3 ,Never Shout Never (NEVER) (most of my quotes are song lyrics from themm..)
Aisling herree,
Marcus is a fuking coolkid ;3,
He's secretly a vampire though..shhh
So uh..he has a fake dick but apparently bitches love that so its all g ;D 
You should call him "Marcus the Magnificent amazing sexual boo" 
Because if you don't I will come after you and rip your hair out.CALL HIM FAKE AND ILL RIP YOUR BALLS OFF. I'm a nice person really..lolol xD Be aware...he makes you see everything as dirty and sexual..everything He's ma bestfriend and if you don't follow him you suck,kay? BBYYYYEEEEEEEEEE ;D btw Marcus..YOUR NOT FUCKING FAT. Toodles xD

(That name descibes perfection)
You're like a lot to me and you dont know it. 
You made me eat Choclate covered bacon.
lol I'l FU xD
But boo's.
Well like..We know everything about each otherrr.
But your favorite color changes all the time, BRO. JUST PICK(: 
Im convinced your never gonna try a to go into a PINK store again with me xD *SCARED  FOR LIFE B!TCHEZ*
Moving on, If anybody hurts you, ANYBODY.
I will hurt them, I would never hurt you Marcus<3 blah..
I love you..So much(:
- Mrs. Mia
If anybody is thinking about suicide...Please listen to this...Its not like that others....

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My everything right there^

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Quotes by MarcuzIssexy

Please just come back to me... 
I know blue is your favorite color..
Just the same way as I know you love Ed Sheeran. 
I miss you more than I miss my mom.. 
and thats a lot to say Mia you know that. 
I cant imagine my life without you.. 
Please just come back. 
I want to keep you safe from the bed bugs.
Or in this case.. your brother. 
I dont want you to feel not good enough. 
Because in realtiy your way better than just 'good enough' 
I dont care about the mistakes youve made in the past.
I know ive made mine. 
But I just want to focus on are future. 
I want to be with you forever.. 
You remember when you got Fearless tattoed on your ribs? 
That symbolizes everything I'm not.
I'm scared. 
Scared I'm going to lose you.
I dont want too, I cant lose you. 
I love you too much to lose you. 
Rememeber are kids names picked? 
Arella or Evengaline for a girl. 
Asher or Brayden for a boy. 
When I asked you to marry me was the best day of my life. 
When I thought you were drowing yesterday do you know all the thoughts that went threw my head?
'She has to be okay, How can I live without her, she has to be okay' 
You were okay and it was all better.
I want it to be all better again. 



I always screw everything 



Hurrican Sandy? 
More like Hurrican Sassy.


Yes, I am a dude. 
Yes, I do cry when I watch the Titanic. 
and The Notebook.. 


Comment your Tumblrs(: 

Mind. Fu.cked.
Read this-

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the king's horses and all the kings men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again" 

They never said Humpty was an egg..

Asked a 4 year old what Political Party Romney and Obama are in. 

"Well one of them are in the White house,
and one of them are in the Black house" 

I always thought that we would look back on our tears and 


not look back on our laughter and cry 


Well I couldnt tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday/////////////////////////////////////////////////

What is the first letter of the alphabet asians learn? 


(No offense i'm sterotyping and what not just thought it was funny)