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Quotes by Mariyasummer

'' A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. ''
Fravorite if you have ever looked at someone and thought to yourself " I wich i could be like her"

Comment If you have ever looked at someone and was proud you were not as 'pretty' as them :]
You asked me the other day; you've loved me for to much. If i wasn't too shy to speak i would have said

I'll stop loving you when
Sponge Bob gets his dirving licence
Girl language
five minutes - half an hour
nothing - something
im just tired - im upset, hug me
whatever - go die
dont touch me - dont let go
i hate you - please come back
im fine - i need a hug
go away - hold me tight
i ignore you - give me your attention

I used to ♥ u and the thing is i still do!
Okay, this is not a quote at all. It's a song it took me 3 hours to make. i don't think you'll really want to read it because you wont understand without the rythm (Background Music) My song is called My tears and it was made on the 8th December 2012 :]

My Tears

There where tears on my face coming down (down 3x)
If only you where here to save me I'd me proud.
I see you right outside looking smug; It's killing me
But I'm not sure why (ei-ei-EI) it happends just to me


You're killing me-you wreak - Breaking me apart.
Can you hear me or am i just invisible to you?

Tell me life is beautifull, tell me my tears are for reasons.
I do't know what to do in this box full of nightmares.
I try too many things to get you of my mind.
Spending days like this writing useless songs about you

*Instrumental break (little high to low)
*High Pitch, slow and sadly* (Corous)

You're killin' me- you callin' me wreck - you break gurls hearts apart
don't hear me out i wont shout it out for you.

I still love him like i used to
The one girl who says they have not loved. Is the one who have been hurt the worst
Favorite This Quote If:

You're depressed.

You lost someone who meant a lot to you.

You got your heart broken recently.

You're a victim of bullying.

You feel invisible.

You've had/have suicidal thoughts.

You hate yourself.

You think you're ugly.

You've been called names.

You've been stabbed in back.

You've been replaced by someone you thought cared about you.

You feel worthless sometimes.

You wish you could be someone else.

You think you're a waste of space.

Let me tell you something, gorgeous. If you favorited this quote, I want to tell you this You shouldn't
feel this way at all. I want you to look in the mirror. I want you to feel your heart beating. I want
you to think of all the people who love you. To them, you're perfect. To me, you're perfect.

Don't bring yourself down. You're .. beautiful.

Trust me.

Don't believe me? Comment me. I'll give a hundred reasons why you should love your life.
I will never let you feel like you're facing this alone.

Here's to the girls 


that are ending 2012 single 




him :]