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 You make me wanna die.



Quotes by Marrcus

You know when you were a kid and won a game in first
place and there was that little kid who went “first is the
worst second is the best” like how did that even
make sense

Getting annoyed after illegally
downloading music when it turns
out to be bad quality.

#this isn't what I didn't pay for

                   Rarley do you ever
                   see adults walking
                   around with scars
                   littering their body; 

                   now is it because
                   they were a happier

                   Or, maybe, is it
                   because most of us
                   don't make it that far.


"What would you do if I died today?" 
"I'd die tomorrow."

Not killing myself is a personal achievement,
but you cant really brag about that at dinner

When our lips touch, I swear
I can taste the next 60 years
of my life.

Wendy, run away with me,
I know I sound crazy,
Dont you see what you do to me?
I wanna be your lost boy,
Your last chance, a better reality.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"


"No but sometimes people on the internet flirt with me and I have no idea how serious they are about it."



pros to being a jellyfish-

ur cute n beautiful you never have to go to college ur parents dont judge u ur allowed 2 be sassy dont get near my tentacles silly boys ill kill you whats a gender u just look amazing and float around all day wooooo

cons to being a jellyfish-



When Americans call chips “french fries”

when Americans call crisps “chips”
when Americans call lifts “elevators”
when Americans call chocolate globbernaughts “candy bars”
when Americans call merry fizzlebombs “fireworks”
when Americans call wunderbahboxes a “computer”
when Americans call beef wellington ensemble with lettuce a “burger”
when Americans call whimsy flimsy mark and scribblies “pens”
when Americans call their hoghity toghity tippy typers “keyboards”
when Americans call an upsy stairsy an “escalator”
 when Americans call a knittedy wittedy sheepity sleepity a “sweater”
 when Americans call a choco chip bucky wicky a “cookie”
when Americans call a pip pip gollywock a “screwdriver”
when Americans call a rooty tooty point-n-shooty a “gun” 
when Americans call ceiling-bright a “lightbulb”
when Americans call a slippery dippery long reppy a “snake”
when Americans call cobble-stone-clippity-clops “roads”