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Quotes by Marshmellow211

Today , I noticed something.
I wasn't born with enough middle fingers.

Fave if you...

Try to pronounce jumbled letters like :

"Addhsuidf", "sifhiosf","Djjdf"


There is always that one thing in

Fruit cup,

that you don't want to eat.

I tried looking on the bright side.

Then, I realized there was no bright side.


 Me:Mom, you wanna watch this show ?

Mom: Is this Gigantic ?

Me: Yeah, I never saw it.

Mom: Don't watch it all the people are so weird looking .

Love my mom


I  don't get why people laugh in movies when animals get hurt.
It makes me want to cry.


Saturday Schedule
1.Wake up.
2.Make coffee.
3.Grab laptop.
4.Sign onto witty.

If I were 16 and pregnant, I wouldn't be on the show.
I'd be dead.

Not to shabby neighbor.