Status: it's my birthday, wheres my big booty hoe..
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Hai my name is Amara I am currtenly 15 and a sophomore I was born November 16th 1997. I go to an Alternative high school due to my anxiety, I'm African American. i live with my mom, older sister and little brother and half sister. I love rap it makes me feel so much better<3 i have insomina which is cool sometimes but it kinda suck. I lost my best friend of 4 years Eden Hope Wormer March 6th 2012 to suicide.. I still remember the day I first and last saw her, nobody understand the bon we had, we were like sister where ever she was I was we did everything together. she was like part of my family and basically lived with me, and then one day she is gone forever. i remember the day I found out like the back of my hand, I wish i could forget it but I cant and most likly wont. it was the worse day of my life, I slipped into a major depression. and got diagnosed with bipolar, anger issuse and anxiety and was in intense therapy for 6.5 months. its been almost 2 years and I'm still not over it, but I'm glad to say I'm not depressed anymore and my anxiety isnt as bad. I'm still working on my anger but I think I got it. There isnt a day I dont think about Eden, I have to live with the fact my best friend wont be there for me when I'm getting married, having kids, get my first job and car, go to collage and to do all the things we planed together.. and that kills me. theres some days its so bad i cant get out of bed, some days are better then others. But I know she is with me everyday all day and every step and breath I take. i gotta be strong for the both of us because she couldnt be.. Everything I do is all for my best friend.<3 i love you boobear.. rest in peace 12.31.2012-3.06.2012.</3

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So It's my birthday, and I still don't have a big booty hoe..
Food..because falling in love is just too mainstream
Mumbling along to a song you dont really know...but that 15 second part you do know is coming and your gonna own that ishh.
Mcdonalds is getting rid of the dollar menu?
Well, looks like I ain't taking you hoes on anymore dates.
I hate girls that push their butts out as they walk.
You know you look like a retarded Flamingo, right?
tbh im probably single because I never forwarded those chain messages in 2008
Haunted Houses
Scary movies
Cold night
I love fall! <3
37 days until Halloween
65 days until Thanksgiving
92 days until Christmas
99 days until New Years
I can't waittt (: <3
Great the weather is starting to be cold, & you know what that means.. Thirsty àss girls & guys posting how they're so lonly and need a cuddle buddy
It's a little crazy how obsessed I am with twitter.. c: