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Quotes by MaryPenguin

It was fun while it lasted
You and I will be dancing in the kitchen,
Singing poorly and laughing at old jokes.
And things will look up.

After all, that's where heaven is.
{ And heaven's your home, Angel. }
Once you stop building trust

You start building walls.
If there was a word stronger than "love"
I'd use it to describe my feelings for you.
That boy made me smile.
Nothing else matterered to me but him.
People warned me.
"That boy is trouble."
"He's a heart breaker."
"Don't get involved."
Common sense screamed
But my heart was all I heard.
My feelings led me where my head had no desire to go.
Which was straight to him.
"Why do you like him so much? After all he's done?"
I simply shrug, and say softly,

"That boy makes me smile."
How are you feeling?

Ridiculously happy.
Happy Birthday,

Doctor Who
So today in German class my German teacher said 
"Ok guys one of my students made this slide and I'll show you"
and then on like the 3rd slide it said, 

"Ashlee will you go to the Winter Formal with me?
And then this guy came in with a big sign and a starbucks and Ashlee looked so happy

And she said yes.
Realitseems like a nice place

But I wouldn't want to live there.
I like sleeping.

Because it's like being dead,
without the commitment.