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I'm Emilie. I feel the need to remind amost everyone on this site that they are so beautiful. Take chances, live life to the fullest. Laugh, smile, it might just make someone's day. Don't let anyone bring you down, and just be your own person. Love yourself.

Quotes by Massabesicgirl123

& it's hard to make a conversation when he's

taking my breath away.

time for summer

we tell each other all our secrets. we laugh over nothing. we fight, but then we make up and it's like nothing even happened. we tell each other our crushes. our fears. compliment each other all the time. eat each other's food. we have sleepovers every weekend. we'll sleep in the same bed without it being awkward. we'll have endless memories. and a million inside jokes. when the teacher says "pick partners" we don't even have to look at each other to know we're partners. we'll eat lunch together at the same table. and we'll always be sitting next to each other. no guy will ever separate us. no girl drama will ever tear us apart. we'll watch each other cry over stupid things time and time again. we hug like we'll never see each other again. we'll steal each others clothes, and switch shoes. we'll talk about boys, who's cute and who's weird. we'll go on and on about who's prettier. we're so comfortable together. we both believe the other is our long lost twin sister. we're closer than any of our other friends. we'll always be close.

i'm proud to call you my best friend.

Reach for my hand,
cause it's held out for you.


everyday of our lives, wanna find you there. i just wanna hold on tight.


but my god,
it's so beautiful when 

the boy smiles. 

2 AM and she calls me 'cause i'm still awake.

"can you help me unravel my latest mistake? i don't love him."


and who else

is ready for a change?

And baby,

I think I love you more than I love myself ♥

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