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Pansexual - Polyamorous - Non-binary

I'm honestly crap at writing these things but, here goes nothing..

I'm a massive gamer, Animal lover and admirer. I utterly adore wolves, foxes and horses, I'm somewhat obsessed with rainbows, I role-play, I'm a writer of sorts, I'm a dancer, I love Vampire Diaries, I love Hardstyle and EDM In general). 

Top favorite bands are; Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time low, Simple Plan, 
Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. I have A ton of favorite artists and bands, that the list could literally go on forever as not only do I not tend to stick to only one genre of music, I have far to many to name out here. 

Music and animals have been there for me when no one else ever was. So I protect them with everything.

Just like gaming is an outlet, same goes for music. 
I simply cannot live without music or dance, it's like breathing for me. Another form of expressing myself, an outlet, literally my life. I can't even go a day without either one in some way. Music literally helps me cope through everyday and it's pulled me through a lot of hard times in my life. I can safely say, it has saved me many times before.

  ♥  ♥

Sick of crying, tired of trying, yeah I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying.. 100% me.

For the amazing person reading all this right now, don't ever forget, you're beautiful being who you are. Don't ever change yourself for anybody. If they can't or won't accept you for you, then they don't matter. One's  who matter, won't mind.


Quotes by MaxieTofu

Broken strings cause you play me like a violin. Shame on me for all your seven deadly sins. Had it all but you craved attention. Drowning in your own reflection.


More and more i find out.
Anything you're not fully open about, is something else to worry about.


There is so much room for doubt, but you don't help that out.
You say you love me, but there is so much that you won't say, and in all the ways I doubt, it's still pretty far out; that I still love you just as much as I once did. 


All I'll ever be is a sad broken little toy. 

Get out of my head, my heart is tired. 

And no one will know, just how close I was to ending it right then and there. Knife to my wrist. You don't even know. But would you even care? 

Don't say you still love me, 'cause I might just believe you.

I don't need another reason to stay, your voice brought me home, now I feel so left out in the cold. Is this still real? 


I feel like I'm losing myself and my mind, more and more

Just let me be numb. I want this to be over. The darnkness can win again, I'm tired and done with this life. 


You lied just like everyone else, and now I'm left trying to figure out if I bother fixing it and picking up the pieces like I always do.

I'm never enough, and I'm always second best. Just once, I'd like someone to fight for me and do what's best for me, but I guess that's too much, hey? 


You ever read something that makes you feel like your heart just got ripped out of your chest, but have to play it off like you're completely fine and happy?