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Make no mistake, music and animals are the only reason I am still around.



Quotes by MaxieTofu

 It's pathetic that i just drop everything for you, but it's never returned.

 I have never felt more alone.

 The worst part is, I have split so badly that nothing matters anymore. I feel nothing, I can't attach to anyone and nothing feels real. Not even my closest friend.

 Having a favorite person is a literal death sentence.

 What you don't realize is just how badly I've split. I've never felt more alone and isolated from all those I hold dear whilst they move on through life without me just fine.

 I'm tired and I don't think I can keep doing this anymore.

 I can literally feel myself splitting and pushing people away.

 And just when I thought I could catch my breath, life was there to rip it from my lungs before it could even form.

Alike the words I wished I could scream out and ask for help, they were all hitched in my throat.

It will never truly be over and I will never be free of this pain, it's a never ending cycle.


 He looked at me like he was about to devour me.
And just once I wish those eyes were filled with love and not lu$t.

Just once I want to feel like the things that I want are not a burden.
Just once, I would like to feel like I am not a burden.

My needs shouldn't be something I have to bury.

I just want love.
And yet the only time I feel loved.
And seen, is when I'm not myself.

Who am I anymore?
I've not been myself for most of my life.
For the sake of being loved.
Is it truly what I seek?

I do just want love.

I don't want to be a burden.
But it's too late now.

I am the thing that they take and take and take.
I am no longer me.

My needs are a burden, met with sadness and annoyance.

I am just figment of what I wish to be.
Just take me, everyone does.

It's the only time I'm seen.

I can't.
Make it stop.

This is all I'll ever be.

Hold me, oh god I just wish you'd hold me.

The only time I feel loved, is when I'm not myself.

Take me.

What's the point of fighting anymore.

Maybe you'll love me when I'm longer me.
And I will simply cease to exist.

For the desire to be seen and loved.