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Car Enthusiast.

Make no mistake, music and animals are the only reason I am still around.



Quotes by MaxieTofu

 Was it all a lie? how strong I was? was i pretending all this time? because this sure feels like weakness, it's all come flooding back. I am part of you and no matter how much running i can do from that, it remains an unchanging fact. I will never escape you.

 I feel myself falling, like I always do. I can't do this anymore.

 Maybe one day you'll regret all the time you lost with me, when I'm no longer around.

 A little too attached to all those I hold dear.

 I will never mean as much as someone bound to you by blood, even though you do to me.

 I deserve someone who tries, someone who can apologize when they're in the wrong, somene who i scared to lose me.

I still miss you, but when I gave you everything I had, you gave me nothing but a sliver of what could have been.
Something half filled when I tried to fill you with all of me, it was like pouring into a broken glass, I was never going to be enough for you, and you were never even going to give me the basic decency that I am worthy of.

I'm better without you, but it still hurts so much

You're a piece of me that I will never get back, and the tears I still cry for you, sting the most.


 And it always hurts more at night, when I'm left alone with my thoughts rather than spending time with one another, now there is just a hole where you used to be.

 Think I'll take my heart and throw it off a cliff.

 Now you're doing all the things with her that i longed to do with you. I begged and pleaded for your time, and now you've happily moved on.

After all you've done, all you've lied about, how much you've hurt me, how does even this still hurt so much..


I will never be her. But if only for a minute I could be, maybe I would have your attention fully. Maybe you would fight for me. Maybe that's it's, I'm just not her.


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