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Make no mistake, music and animals are the only reason I am still around.



Quotes by MaxieTofu

I feel like I'm losing myself and my mind, more and more

Just let me be numb. I want this to be over. The darnkness can win again, I'm tired and done with this life. 


You lied just like everyone else, and now I'm left trying to figure out if I bother fixing it and picking up the pieces like I always do.

I'm never enough, and I'm always second best. Just once, I'd like someone to fight for me and do what's best for me, but I guess that's too much, hey? 


You ever read something that makes you feel like your heart just got ripped out of your chest, but have to play it off like you're completely fine and happy? 

Once again, I find myself at the end of a blade.

My eyes stung with tears yet to cry.
My heart sunk, to what felt like the bottom of the ocean.
Why did I feel like this was already the end?
I shouldn't have let the words escape my lips.
This was my fault yet again.


I've not even phsyically felt your touch, and yet you've touched more parts of my soul than almost anyone. I can't describe the things you make me feel, but you truly own every single part of me, should you wish to take it.

I've already jumped in head first, no regrets. I will always be yours, no matter what happens.

Even when you tire of me, I will be there.


Dear emotional breakdowns, I didn't miss you.
Please stop.
I am too exhausted for this.


When I held her, and I kissed her, I meant it. 
I poured myself into her..  A glass with a hole. I meant nothing.

She was sand through my fingers, I held onto the grains for as long as I could until my hands were empty.


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