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Quotes by MaydayParade97

If I hated you,
getting over you
would be so much easier.


*Texting my crush at night*
Me: Are you tired?
Crush: No, not at all :D
Me: Can I ask you something then?
Crush: Sure, anything :)
Me:*asks very important question*
...20 minutes...
...40 minutes...
Me: Seriously -___-

I hate when this happens..

When I first heard about
Miracle Whip,
I thought it was whipped cream.

But then I saw the commercial for it
and then I was like
"..why are they putting whipped
cream on their sandwiches.."

And then I came to the conclusion..
it's Mayonnaise.

I think you know there's
still something between us.
You just don't want
to admit it.
But I really wish you would..♥

I just wish I could tell you how I feel /:

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Say the word

You just said 'bye' in an
Australian accent.
Now you just repeated it to see if
I was lying.

Mind = Blown

If you don't mean it,
don't say it.

If happy ever after did exist,
I would still be holding you like this



this is what I logged into witty today and found.
Thank you guys so much,
you literally made my whole week :') ♥