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Welcome To My Page!! Follow Me! :) xx
Hii! I'm 15, I live in London! My birthday's on the 27th of September! My dad passed away on the 27th of September (my birthday) 2010, i'll never forget him!
I love my amazing best friends (SecretSequin and Rubie117) Well those are the ones on witty at least :p
I'm totally obsessed with One Direction and have been since the first time I saw them on The X Factor! Zayn-Liam-Harry-Louis-Niall All the way!! (Also love Glee and lots of other stuff!)
I love music. Some of my favourites (besides One Direction) are One Republic, The Script, The Fray, etc. (you get it xx)
I'm not a bad person, but i do stand up for what i believe in, im not afraid to share my opinion and if you dont like it you can just back off. And on that note....

If you want any advice on something then i'm here for you, just leave a comment on my profile and i'll get back to you ASAP!

Witty has changed so much since i was last on... which was like a year ago so that explains that ahah...


Quotes by Maz117

omg what was my problem last year?! most of my quotes were so depressing and/or about love and just plain weird... damn old me :') 
I went through and read every single one of my quotes from before I left witty and I've only just realised that I was waaaaay more of an awkward child than I thought I was...
Hey Witty! I'm back ;) (after like a year...)

It's never too late
to make a change...

did you know ;
sea otters hold hands/fins/whatever
when  they sleep
so that they don't drift away
from eachother while sleeping

Stupid people aren't annoying...

They're free entertainment!


Common Senser Is So Rare These Days...



believe you can and you're halfway there

Yeah, I'm a dreamer, but guess what? I'm not the only one.

do more of what makes you happy