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Welcome To My Page!! Follow Me! :) xx
Hii! I'm 15, I live in London! My birthday's on the 27th of September! My dad passed away on the 27th of September (my birthday) 2010, i'll never forget him!
I love my amazing best friends (SecretSequin and Rubie117) Well those are the ones on witty at least :p
I'm totally obsessed with One Direction and have been since the first time I saw them on The X Factor! Zayn-Liam-Harry-Louis-Niall All the way!! (Also love Glee and lots of other stuff!)
I love music. Some of my favourites (besides One Direction) are One Republic, The Script, The Fray, etc. (you get it xx)
I'm not a bad person, but i do stand up for what i believe in, im not afraid to share my opinion and if you dont like it you can just back off. And on that note....

If you want any advice on something then i'm here for you, just leave a comment on my profile and i'll get back to you ASAP!

Witty has changed so much since i was last on... which was like a year ago so that explains that ahah...


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i REALLY want to meet the teenage version of my parents...
Just me??


Once you have feelings for someone, it will always be there, you may not like them anymore but you'll still care...
You attract people by the qualities you display
You keep them by the qualities you possess

I'm having one of those nights where you just sit there and wonder about everything that ever happened.

The good and the bad.

You're having flashbacks about the people that had always meant so much to you.

You wonder about ther things they've ever said and done.

It feels so good and hurts so bad all at once...


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