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Quotes by McFlurry09

Here I go, Im almost there,
Into his lonely lost eyes I stare,
Inching closer, not so far,
It will only leave a simple scar,
I cant believe you did that,
I cant believe you lied,
I cant believe you did that,
I cant believe I cried.
I sit around thinking about you
Wondering if you're thinking about me
But then i see its just a dream
A dream that will never become...a reality...
I'm scared of everything.
I'm scared of what I see,
Of what I do,
Of who I am,
but most of all,
I'm scared of walking out of this room
and not feeling the way i feel
When Im with you...
if you can use words to explain how much you love don't really love them
cry my eyes out,
if only you could see,
what your doing to me,
check my wrists,
no scabs,
just scars,
people ask,
and i just lie,
and then they ask me why,
and i say
-i cut to heal-
So many wrong turns,
so many mistakes,
nothing you can do,
Your only a rainbow away,
and im sitin here,
sittin here waitin for u,
Your a rainbow
just a rainbow away,
and im reachin out
hopin that u see it too,
But im telling you,
Im no fool,
cuz i kno what rainbows do.
--They Fade Away--
FeFe Dobson- Hidden Track on Cd